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schoenfeld law: more than a firm. we’re a family

At Schoenfeld Law Firm, we are not only personal injury attorneys, but also a Voice for Victims. When you hire us, you become a part of the Schoenfeld family. We offer to you our sincerest personal attention, listen to your concerns, discuss expectations of your particular matter, and offer guidance throughout the entire legal process. In these difficult times, we commit to you our greatest efforts to ensure that you are compensated to the fullest extent possible. 

A Family of Five Generations of Attorneys, and Counting… 

Both of us, Morlas and Stephen Schoenfeld have carried on the legacy of our father, Robert, who founded this firm in 1982. Since then, we have both carried a passion for the law and for helping those in need. 


  1. Cornelius Voorhies – Great, Great, Great Grandfather, 1803-1859, Attorney and Judge in St. Martinville, LA 
  2. Felix Voorhies – Great, Great Grandfather, 1839 -1919, Attorney and Judge in St. Martinville, LA 
  3. Daniel W. Voorhies – Great Grandfather, 1867-1949, Attorney in St. Martinville, LA 
  4. Robert Morlas Schoenfeld – Father, 1943-2017, Attorney in St. Martinville and New Orleans, LA 
  5. Morlas and Stephen Schoenfeld – Brothers, Attorneys with offices in St. Martinville and New Orleans, LA, and practicing throughout the State of Louisiana. 


Attending law school was never forced upon me. It was neither encouraged nor discouraged. Law just came to me naturally. The legal practice was always an interest of mine that I found fascinating. Interpreting the law and the desire to help others became a passion for me. There is no better feeling of accomplishment than when I walk through the front doors of the 16th Judicial District Courthouse in St. Martinville, LA. I sense great pride knowing that my family and my predecessors have made the exact same walk, many times before me. I guess you can say I am literally walking in their footsteps. 


Since I was a young boy, I admired my father’s hard work, diligent nature, and kind, professional demeanor around everyone he knew. Being a gentleman was the most impactful characteristic of his personality. I knew that so many thousands of clients looked up to him, admired his honesty, and were always so grateful and thankful for the results he produced for them. I strive every day to continue that legacy of success, knowing that I could bring so much satisfaction to those in need. 

The Family Treatment 

We do not believe in empty promises and unrealistic guarantees. Rather, we treat you like one of our own. With that, there comes a level of tenacity, honesty, protection, and help that goes beyond business formalities. Here are a few of the top ways we show that:


From the moment you reach out, you will be connected with either Morlas and Stephen – no long wait times or being transferred from person to person having to repeat your story. Instead, we will work closely with you to understand your injuries, help set realistic expectations, guide you through the entire legal process, and pursue the recovery you deserve. 

With local offices in both Acadiana and New Orleans, we are two brothers who are dedicated to helping the people in our communities, and we communicate directly with each client that we have. 


With over 85 years of combined experience, we have seen the trends in the legal sphere and know exactly what to look for and how to guide you through it strategically. If we would not recommend something to one of our own family members, we will not recommend it to you. Our mission every day is to ensure that you’re protected, heard, and compensated. 


As brothers, we apply our professional skill set to a variety of practice areas within the realm of personal injury law. 

A few of our specialized areas of practice: 

Looking for legal guidance?  

If you or someone you know is looking for help, reach out to us, so we can have a conversation and look at options for your case! 

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