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Meet Morlas

Morlas Schoenfeld is the managing partner of Schoenfeld law firm. He specializes in personal injury litigation, representing people injured in auto accidentsslip and falls, and workers’ compensation claims. He helps the injured recover from their injuries and ensures they get their compensation for their injuries from negligent parties.


Morlas is a proud graduate of Southern University Law Center, JD, Civil Law Program in Baton Rouge, LA. He chose Southern because of the “at home” feeling he experienced the first day he visited the beautiful campus, which overlooks the Mississippi River. He gained many lifelong friends throughout his time at Southern and credits his “law school family” for getting him through the law program.

In addition to the valuable friendships created, Morlas’ education prepared him for his work today. Morlas stated, “The greatest lesson I learned while attending law school at Southern is that hard work and dedication do pay off.” 


Schoenfeld Law Firm consists of a family of attorneys. Morlas and Stephen Schoenfeld, along with their father and Founder, Robert Schoenfeld have dedicated their time and resources to helping clients with their personal injury and wrongful death claims since 1982.

Morlas saw that insurance companies would commonly bully and mislead unrepresented individuals to accept quick settlements. He noticed how overwhelming, intimidating, and confusing these companies were for his father’s clients. As such, he sought to carry on the family legacy to help represent their clients on a daily basis and does what is necessary for his clients to be fairly compensated from insurance companies. 



At the end of the day, Morlas prioritizes serving his clients in Lafayette, LA and providing help to those who are injured to get the necessary medical care they need. Unfortunately, many clients only have Medicaid, Medicare, or no medical insurance whatsoever, and are limited to where and how quickly they can seek medical care.

His response? Morlas is able to send his clients to doctors in any specialty to be treated without delay. The client will never get billed directly. Once they get the necessary medical treatment, they are then rightfully compensated for their damages (including pain, suffering, emotional distress, medical bills, and lost wages from the liable parties) through a settlement or judgment. 


Whether it be from a settling prior to trial or by judgment from a court, he will do all he can in negotiating cases for settlement.

I enjoy freeing my clients of the stress of having to deal with an insurance company, which can be very confusing and time consuming. I thrive off the challenge of having to be persuasive in introducing a client’s case to an insurance company, judge or jury. I’m basically a salesman. I have to sell myself and my client to the defendant. If they like us, then we will have great results.

Morlas gets fulfillment through each step of the process of handling a case. From setting up a claim with the liable insurance company, arranging for clients to see a doctor of their choosing, discussing with the client as to their best and safest options on how to proceed with their case, to the eventual settling or trying of their case in court, he’s with them every step of the way!


What you see is what you get with Morlas. He values being up front and honest with clients. Morlas stated, “I’m myself when I talk to clients. There is no act. I treat my clients like friends. They will respect you much more if you treat them this way. And, they will remember you, in a good way.”

He believes that honesty is the best policy in his area of practice. His father and founder of the law firm used to say, “A lawyer is no better than the case he is handling; a case is only as good as a lawyer makes it.” By applying this value, his clients are much more appreciative of the end result.


If you or someone you know is looking for help, don’t hesitate to connect with us today!

meet morlas

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