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Amusement park owners throughout the state of Louisiana are consistently working to out-do their competitors in order to boost their appeal and increase their revenues. ¬†New roller coasters and other amusement park “thrill” rides are popping up all the time, oftentimes billed as being the world’s fastest, highest and scariest. Unfortunately, these rides are giving riders a lot more than they pay for, often including broken or bloody noses, fractured limbs, neck and back injuries, brain damage, paralysis and even death. The increase in thrill ride accidents is alarming as countless people suffer injuries each year.

Several factors are at fault in these injuries Рconsumer behavior, operator behavior, mechanical failure, and design defects.  Liability for amusement park accidents and theme park injuries generally involves three types of law Рnegligence or tort law, product liability law and premises liability law. While there may be some question over who is blame for the accident, there is no question that those injured while riding amusement park attractions suffer pain and loss because of their injuries.

If you have been injured in an amusement park accident in Louisiana, the attorneys of Schoenfeld Law Firm are here to help. Our dedicated, aggressive, and experienced attorneys can help you receive a financial award to cover your medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages which resulted from your amusement park accident.

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